"The only way is the IDEAL way..."

About Us


During the early years of Ideal Construction, its’ sole purpose was to serve as a subcontractor to The Gas Company. With one crew and one purpose, this was the humble beginning of the young company.  In 1978, work eventually diminishes and the young company opened its doors to other specialties. By 1985, Ideal Construction transformed from a sub-contractor into a general contractor whose main specialty was underground utilities.

Present day, Ideal Constructions main specialty is still underground utilities but with civil engineering and concrete work added to its repertoire. Surviving the competition and adversity over the years, the 40 year old veteran company is growing and is still in search of its new specialty.

 "From the 40 years that I have been with IDEAL, I have had the pleasure of watching our company grow. This accomplishment could not be achieved without the right people. I believe the people produce the quality of work and it is reflected in our past and present projects. From the very beginning it is instilled within our office personnel, foreman, and crew to create the best quality of work. Because of such superb workmanship, our reputation and credibility has been and is still our strongest asset. Ideal construction has evolved throughout the decades and will only grow more in the decades to come."

Wayne Kihune